The Children of Abraham


How the quiz works

You are presented with 5 or 10 quotations originating from The Torah (Judaism), The New Testament (Christianity) or The Quran (Islam). For each quote you have to guess from which book the quote originates.

You can fill in the form with your e-mail and name to collect points to get higher ranking on the score list. Your name (but not email) can be seen on the score list. You can chose to receive our newsletter which we send out once a month. You can unsubscribe it with a click.

How you find the answer, is indifferent to us. The thought behind the quiz is that participants get more knowledge about the different religions.

Good Luck!

Questions and Answers

Can I change my name and group on the score list? Yes. You change your name, city, group and country AND keep your points. Just take the quiz test and submit your results under the SAME mail but with different name etc!

What is 'a group'? The group box can be used as an easy recognizable marker, e.g. for local competitions. By writing ‘London Elementary School’, ‘Priests in Copenhagen’, ‘A9’ etc., you can easily compare a group’s results in the quiz. On the score lists’ the search box you can isolate letters and names, and choose only to see people from your group, country etc.

Can I choose only to see participants from a specific area or a group? (Thanks for the question, we were waiting for that!). Yes, you can. On the search bar over the scoring list you can chose to see the participants from a specific city, country, group etc.

How does the: 'newsletters about the project' work?
If you click the field you will receive an email, where you will have to confirm that you asked to receive the newsletter. When you have confirmed it, you will receive newsletters about ‘The children of Abraham’ project and some news about Galschiot’ work. It will happen with an interval of some months’. You ONLY receive one newsletter at a time even though you have pressed the button several times! It doesn’t affect your chances of winning the draw, if you have answered yes or no to receiving the newsletter.

Where do the quotations come from?The quotes are respectively ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ citations from The Jewish Torah (the 5 Books of Moses), The Christian Bible (The New Testament) and The Islamic Quran. There are about 200 quotes from each book. The quotes are chosen by Jens Galschiot in cooperation with experts within the field of religion. The project is still in its start-up phase and small changes can occur as we adjust and find the most relevant quotations

Suggested ways to use the quiz

• Assignment (e.g. home assignment). To get a least 15 points in the quiz score list. The one who gets the most points wins the honor or a bag of candy. Remember to write your name (for example ‘9A’, ‘confirmation’ etc.) in under groups when you submit your answers. Then you can easily compare the scores by isolating in the search box in the high score list.

• Competitions. Start a competition about who can get the most points or answer all 10 questions correctly. For example in a school, for a friendly battle, at the library or in the mosque. Remember to write the same text (for example ‘9A’, ‘confirmation’ etc.) in the group field to compare the results.

• If you find other ways to use the quiz, please let us know (contact below).

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